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Nashville article
Rolling Stone

Nashville Rock: Underground Bands Reclaim Music City

I drive around Nashville to find DIY artists who don't give a damn about bro country.

Microdosing article
Mens Journal

Working Man's Guide to Microdosing | Men's Journal

I got paid to break some very serious HR regulations. This story was originally published in the June 2017 issue of the magazine.

Hunnam article

The Rules of Rogue

A motorcycle ride-along profile of Charlie Hunnam

Solitude article

There's No Wi-Fi in Paradise

A dive into the science of solitude after I spent four nights camping alone.

Vrimg article
Mens Journal

Virtual Medicine is Now a Reality

And here you were thinking that virtual reality was only for viewing porn.

Oceana article
Rolling Stone

Virginia Beach: America's True Navy Town

A video project where I take a look at military life in the city where I was born.

Vc article

For Entrepreneurs, VC Capital Is Not Always the Best Option

Startups that use creative funding strategies can maintain more control over their companies.

Transparency article

Would You Open Your Books?

A story on radical transparency, published in the Jan. 2017 issue of Entrepreneur

Just ten article
New York Magazine

Just the Ten of Us

Travel is better when you roll with an entourage.

Gp article

It’s Monday at Dawn in Greenpoint

Compass Quarterly let me write about my favorite neighborhood, which also happens to be the one that I live in.

Jersey article
Mens Journal

Breezy Rider

Cycling gear designed to keep you cool on hot days

Moby article
Mens Journal

Big Audio Dynamite

A headphone review conducted by MOBY

Aca article

You Know What Will Make America Great Again? Sleeping More.

A new report finds that poor sleep costs the economy $411 billion a year. That's more than 3.5 times what we'll spend on Obamacare.

Commuter article

Find a New Gear

You want to be a cyclist? Start by finding your tribe.

Chz article

Praise Cheeses!

A package I worked on with MH food editor Paul Kita and former MH food editor Adina Steiman.